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about us

They say you are what you wear. If you agree, UNQ is your sure-fire way to make that first impression.

After all, you are a brand; as unique as ever. Letting you reflect the sensational combination of you and your uniqueness, through T-shirts that are perfect to a T, is our brand, UNQ!

Best fabrics, sharp digital printing, vibrant colours, designs that will leave you spoilt for choice; you name it, we have it. And if we don’t, well then, we will just make it, exclusively for you.

Select a design and we promise you not just the best quality T-shirt; but one that’s as fine as a second skin, and eco-friendly right from its cotton to its print.

Here’s what drives us:


We aspire to carve a niche for ourselves in the fashion and lifestyle space, by employing cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology and driving excellence in design, quality and service to create a pleasurable shopping experience.


We shall continue to work to achieve our vision and create maximum value for our clients by following a futuristic, environmentally conscious approach, continuous learning and improvement across every aspect of our operations.

Our Heritage

UNQ is a brand that has trust, unmatched quality, and an eco-friendly conscience integrated in its very being. And where do we inherit it from?

It comes from being an integral part of DHAVAL COLOUR CHEM (DCC) PVT. LTD., one of the largest global printing solutions providers, with an experience of 30+ years, backed by dedicated professional team , providing end-to-end products and services right from machines, to inks, to print technologies to leading fashion and sports brands.

With UNQ, DCC takes state-of-the-art printing, unmatched excellence, world-class infrastructure a step forward; and transforms it into T-shirts that are a unique expression of ‘You!’

And this makes UNQ a brand that’s just like you. Strengthened by values but driven by a modern outlook. Bound to its roots, yet ready to soar. Taking the best from what was, believing in the best that can be, UNQ lets you express today the best, in a way that makes the world take notice and see!

So think of us when you decide to make choices, express your style quotient; and wear them on your sleeve,. After all, who can design and print high-quality T-shirts that reflect you, better than a brand that’s just like you?

Ultra Light 100% Pima Cotton

UNQ Superior Cotton


The Best Cotton In The World

At UNQ, we print our designs on 100% cotton fabrics whose quality is amongst the best in the world. We also offer T-shirts made using premium quality PIMA cotton, to give you that feeling of ultimate comfort. This long staple cotton fabric is light, absorbent, durable, and easy on the skin, that you will love wearing the T-shirts, come rain or sunshine. Right from choosing the yarn, converting it to fabric, making the T-shirt, to going a step ahead and giving you incredible designs printed in a zillion colours; at every step we take care to make sure we bring you the best.

Eco Friendly Inks

Global Organic Textile Standard
Ortex Approved Ethoxylates Free
Confidence in Textiles

When we say UNQ is a brand with a conscience, we really mean it. Apart from making sure the quality of our fabrics is unmatched, we are also vigilant about our inks. Certifications from Oeko-Tex and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) V3 validate our claims. When you buy a T-shirt from UNQ, you can assume without a doubt, that the inks used to print the designs of your choice, cause negligible impact on the environment. Free from heavy chemicals like formaldehyde and ethoxylates, these inks are safe for the environment and perfect for your T-shirts.



What was your immediate thought as you read this header, ‘ONE&ONLY?’ Well, our first thought was, ‘You!’ For that’s exactly how you are. One&Only, Unique, unparalleled, and one of a kind.

So why not let your T-shirts be like that too?

With ‘ONE&ONLY’, we let you be the only one owning a particular T-shirt design you choose. Once you pick the design it’s off our racks, and except for you, we won’t reprint it for anyone else, ever. That means the design is reserved for you,Quite awesome, right?

7 wonders of the world have not been replicated, similarly, we make a ONE&ONLY T-Shirt for your inimitable self. So let your T-Shirt be one of a kind like you and envy of others

Designs that reflect your thoughts, expressions, and ideas remain as exclusive as you!

You can happily say goodbye to days of fretting and stressing over the fact that somewhere, someday, you might cross paths with someone who is wearing the exact same T-shirt that happens to be your favourite too.

Our team of inspired, passionate, and brilliant designers have created hundreds of designs that make you go, “wow!”

All you have to do is "choose" a t-shirt that you love and we will produce, one of a piece, specially for you, just you!

Make them exclusively your own. Celebrate being a ‘ONE&ONLY’ ‘You!’


When we pick out the fabric for our T-shirts, it goes through a series of quality checks before it goes for printing, gets digitally printed with eco-friendly inks to bring out the nuance of every colour, and then gets to you. So be it quality, safety, that brilliant feel, and even a bit of the world’s attention; no matter what you want, we’ve got it all!


T-TUBE Eco-Friendly Packaging

Why Fold When You can Roll!

We deliver your UNQ T-Shirt in a very unique cylindrical packaging. We believe that your unique piece of clothing deserves a special kind of wrap and that extra bit of care provided by our “T-Tube”. We ensure that your UNQ T-Shirt is neatly delivered to you to but its cylindrical shape also helps you to unpack your T with utmost ease. Made out of corrugated fiber, eco-friendly material to extend our gratitude towards Mother Nature. So when you are done with unrolling your T-stuff some goodies or simply admire it as a souvenir gifted to you from UNQ. Say good bye to the flat boxes.